WOODPUNK is a fast-paced action shooter/beat ’em up game set in an alternate Medieval Era with futuristic inventions and warfare, including wooden tanks and mirror-based lasers.

In WOODPUNK, you will play as Aquinas, a genius inventor. Your weapons are assembled from different independent pieces which you will unlock as you progress through the game. These pieces merge randomly to allow for some wild combinations like snow-shotguns, wooden chainsaws or bomb-firing machineguns! This means that over 1400 unique weapons are possible with this system, more than in any other game in the genre!

Why would you need so many different weapons? Well, you must use them to fight the incoming hordes of enemies, usually hundreds of them at a time! And it doesn’t end there: You’ll also have to defeat unique, gigantic and sometimes screen-filling bosses at the end of each world!

You will not be alone in your quest, however, as you have built a faithful robot companion made out of (you guessed it!) wood, which sports a good set of support and attack skills to help out in the feast of mayhem, explosions and chaos that is WOODPUNK!

The game will be released on PC, Mac and Linux sometime during 2017.

Check out WOODPUNK’s pre-alpha trailer!