What is Woodpunk?

WOODPUNK is a fast-paced action shooter/beat ’em up game set in an alternate Medieval Era with futuristic inventions and warfare, including wooden tanks and mirror-based lasers.

In WOODPUNK, you will play as Aquinas, a genius inventor. Your weapons are assembled from different independent pieces which you will unlock as you progress through the game. These pieces merge randomly to allow for some wild combinations like snow-shotguns, wooden chainsaws or bomb-firing machineguns! Over 1400 unique weapons are possible with this system, more than in any other game in the genre!

Fights are frantic, featuring dozens or even hundreds of enemies at a time! And it doesn’t end there: You’ll also have to defeat unique, gigantic and sometimes screen-filling bosses! You will not be alone in your quest, however, as you have built a faithful wooden robot companion, Theo, sporting a good set of support and attack skills to help out in the feast of mayhem, explosions and chaos that is WOODPUNK!



WOODPUNK is a roguelike game. This means that levels are created dynamically by the game as you play. Weapons are also created randomly, by assembling parts which the player must unlock. Gameplay is done in real time, and features a mixture of action, reflexes and strategy. It is harsh and relentless, like most roguelike games.

Both melee and ranged combat are prominently featured in WOODPUNK. The player will be carrying a gun-type weapon and a melee weapon at all times. Ammo is unlimited, but weapons must be reloaded from time to time, so be careful!

Theo, your robot companion with its own AI, will also help you fight the hordes of enemies. He has a great set of skills available, including creating new weapons, going into turret-mode or transforming into a wall to protect you against enemies. Another player can take over and play as Theo for some local co-op multiplayer, like the good-old days!

But that’s not all! In WOODPUNK, everything can be destroyed: Buildings, walls, carts, boxes, baskets – you name it! Shape the randomly generated map to your bidding!

woodpunk necromancer

… And there are some huge, nasty bosses, too!

Story and concept

woodpunk medici

It’s 13th century Italy. Maria Di Medici, one of the richest women in Europe, has employed Aquinas in hopes of having him build a weapon to conquer the entire World. After much work, Aquinas manages to create Theo, a robot which can create weapons.

Realizing Medici’s evil plans, Aquinas and Theo try to sabotage her plans. This ends in a disastrous freak accident where our hero is blinded and loses both of his arms. With his master left to die, Theo franticly manages to create new wooden arms and lens-eyes for his friend, saving his life and effectively transforming him into the first woodborg!

Now Aquinas has to face the armies of Maria de Medici and her evil servants. She is now a woodborg herself, and will stop at nothing to get her hands on Theo and use his skills to craft the most powerful weapon in the Universe!

Let the mayhem begin!


WOODPUNK is still under construction, and will launch next year on PC, Mac and Linux. Console ports are also being considered!

Stay tuned!


Watch the pre-alpha trailer!